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Major information project of our company


After years of efforts, our company is undergoing active transformation and rapid development. In order to meet the new development requirements, the large information project of our company is just thin. We have been communicating with the software of Ding Jie to establish an integrated information platform composed of TITOPGP, PLM, EasyFlow GP, Titop development platform, HR, OA and so on, to achieve the goals of production management, cost management, performance management and so on...


TITOP GP ERP: is the ERP solution for the main customer object, with the ERP platform of "group co ordinate, global control" as the core concept, the unified forecasting and receiving group, unified data, account settlement, operating production, purchasing center, and the independent operating production and independent accounting of the cost of the business department under the group.


PLM product life cycle management: the management of product information in the process of product concept and product exit market. Through the implementation of PLM, the enterprise can realize quality control from the control of raw materials, the whole process control of product production, and the distribution and after sale. More importantly, PLM can shorten the R & D, listing and sales cycle of products.


EasyFlow GP: workflow management platform, to assist ERP system document fast and multi-level audit, as well as the multi-level approval of the various forms, improve the work efficiency in an all-round way