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Technological innovation is Sailing's focus of development all the time

Research institutions


Provincial enterprise research institute

In 2017, Sailing research institute for new energy automobile trim system was rated as Zhejiang provincial enterprise research institute. This research institute focuses on the research of auto interior and exterior parts, lightweight products, automobile electronic system, and injection mold. 

Provincial R&D center for high-tech enterprise

In 2013, Sailing auto interior and exterior trim R&D center was rated as provincial R&D center for high-tech enterprise. 



Taizhou Sailing Mould - The CAD national engineering research center of Shanghai Jiaotong University worked with technological R&D center

In 2012, our company and the CAD national engineering research center of Shanghai Jiaotong University made joint effort in establishing the Joint Technological R&D Center.   

City-level academician and expert workstation

In 2013, our company constructed the academician and expert workstation on mould and digital manufacturing technology and was approved as Taizhou academician and expert workstation. Supported by the technical advantage of engineering academician and its team, our company focused on the research of vehicle weight reduction. Through integration of CAD/CAE structure and model flow analysis and research and by relying on digital manufacturing technology, we have realized the research, development and manufacturing of auto mould and components by using plastics to replace steel.