Human Hesources

Create wealth for the society Create opportunities for employees

employment ideality


Personnel selection

Stick to “chances come from business performance”, focus on “concentration, patience, discipline, cooperation, and confidence” and apply the eight quality models for talent evaluation scientifically and comprehensively Absorb high-end talents from external source to enable our talent team to attain new heights constantly; select excellent employees in the company to enhance the depth of our team in the real sense.

Cultivation of people

All-round talent training system, basic skill, professional course, talent training and other in-depth vertical training ladder;classroom teaching, web-based learning, visit and communication, job rotation and other rich training platforms, which widen talent development and realize absence-oriented training; we also organize targeted training and interactive improvement to establish a study-oriented organization。

Using personnel

Diversified development platform to make the best use of all the talents, improve the internal evaluation system and promotion evaluation mechanism to use personnel according to their abilities, and allow the suitable person to create more value in a suitable platform and post;

Retain employees

Ample benefit plan, high-level remuneration, people-oriented management and work atmosphere are the major measure for maintaining a steady workforce; outstanding and profound corporate culture are the core competitiveness to stabilize a team and absorb talents.