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Bring together love to help the life race


 In the noon of February 14th, Taizhou Xinli moulded Polytron Technologies Inc cafeteria is saved, a group of employees use the lunch gap, for the family's bad luck colleague Zhang Xueliang generously, one yuan, five yuan, ten yuan... The box of love is not only money, but also a love for colleagues and a wish for patients.


Zhang Xueliang is an ordinary employee in the mold shop, from the peasant family in Chaling County, Zhuzhou, Hunan province. The parents are in the housework. There are two children at present, a two and a half year and a half called Zhang Junhao, the other is ten months old. Zhang Junhao, the elder son, found a swelling next to his eyes in January 25, 2017, and took it to the county people's hospital to check, and found that the white blood cells were several times higher than that of 5 and 6 days. They were diagnosed as acute non lymphocytic leukemia (M2 type) in February 4, 2017, and were diagnosed as acute non lymphocytic leukemia (M2). The condition was now aggravated and hospitalized. Treatment for 24 hours of intensive care. Because of the high cost of treatment, the whole family only had Zhang Xueliang to work and earn money. The sudden blow brought the family to a shadow. One family Jun Hao actively raise money for treatment, but only an utterly inadequate measure.


On the one hand, the company's trade unions, on the one hand, make a quick move. On the one hand, they send out the initiative to all the employees of the company: let all the hands of love, help, give a love, give a "true love" and help Xiao Jun to conquer the disease. On the other hand, we can easily raise the power of society through WeChat. Jun Hao to raise funds for. In addition, the labor union also organizes staff to receive donations from the workers in the company dining hall at noon time.


After seeing the news, Shanghai company and Tianjin Corporation also responded positively to the organization donation. At present, three companies have received 25687.5 yuan donation from their employees. At the next stage, the company will arrange a special person to send the donation together with the money raised on the Internet to Zhang Xueliang's hands, hoping that this love will help Zhang Xueliang get through the difficulties.