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Production manager


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Years of working:


Education background:

High school

Working place:

Meggitt Electronics

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Job description

Post duties:

1, responsible for the preparation and updating of the project schedule, and timely communication work to ensure that the project through customer approval procedures on time;

2. Take part in the development of raw materials and external parts, sign technical agreement with the outsourcing factory, and be responsible for the first approval of raw materials and parts.

3, cooperate with the preparation of the product test outline, and track the test and inspection of the products and raw materials and so on, and file the data.

4. During the process of project production, the project is organized and completed, and the relevant departments are organized to summarize the experience of the project development and be archived.


Requirements for office:

1, college or above, major in mechanical, mold, vehicle engineering major;

2. Proficient in UG or Catia software.

3 or more than 2 years of relevant job experience, automotive interior and external decoration parts industry experience is preferred;

4. Understand the mold structure and processing process of the interior and exterior plastic parts of the automobile.

5, good problem analysis ability and communication ability;

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