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P ower  [Manager]


Innovation and development, integrity and Industry

Corporate strategy:

Professional production, internationalized operation and modern


Corporate mission:

Create wealth for society, Create chances for employees,

Win benefit for customers,Enable enterprise to develop; 

Corporate vision:

Enterprise purpose:

Pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement

Corporate principle:


No dedication, no reward

To become a branded supplier of the auto parts and components of the world

I.Efficient and down-to-earth wolf spirit

Concentration:great persistence in having a successful career;

Patience:sharp observation, concentrated purpose, attention to detail and persevering patience;

Discipline:Organization and discipline are the root of our foothold;

Cooperation:have teamwork spirit and tacit cooperation;

Confidence:When the whole team is full of confidence can the group members have great enthusiasm and give play to their powerful fighting capacity;  

II.Teamwork spirit 

Cohesion: Focus on the enterprise’s operation target and team objective to enable all the staff members to work as one;

Execution: To execute the corporate (team) objective, task, system and working objective in place;

Competitiveness: enable the enterprise to have first-rate competitiveness in the peripheral market competition;

Cultural power: The wolf culture-centered corporate culture is able to integrate and permeate the corporate employees and external environment;

Vitality: The corporate team is able to restore, improve, grow and re-expand and realize the self-management of employees of primary level;  

Corporate spirit: